HKC Q79A Quad Core 7.9 Inch IPS Screen Android 4.1 Tablet PC Dual Camera HDMI

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Published: 18th June 2015
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HKC Q79A Thin to 7.2 mm, light is about 290 g, fashion streamline body design; 7 mm extreme narrow edge, one hand comfortable hold, tarnish metal molding process, your profile. 7.9 -inch dazzle colour IPS screen, leading ARM quad-core high-performance low power hardware platform, application experience derive great pleasure out of the rich variety of entertainment, you only need one hand control, everything is so simple!
Once again challenge the limit, the Quest Q79A due to your change!
HKC Q79A Quad Core Tablet PC ( Mini Light design, super narrow margin One-handed manipulation, acme portable, more feel
Thin to 7.2 mm, weighing about 290 g, acme portable; 7 mm super narrow bezel design, one hand and comfortable grip; Thin mini figure, let the machine with similar 7 inch tablet shape have the visual experience of 8 inch screen; Metal molding process, simple sense is uncommon; Tarnish spraying, low-key inside collect your!

7.9 inches
The third generation of super clear IPS screen, just like the MINI
Ultra wide Angle of 178 degrees, arbitrary appreciate Angle, can obtain better impressions;
Reading ratio 4:3 gold, both surf the Internet or read browse function; 1024 * 768 high resolution, more suitable for web browsing experience;162 PPI, clear image quality lies.

Strong inner core surging power
Leading quad-core processors, and a new core architectural graphics
With OWL OWL series quad-core processors, the ARM architecture A9 Family quad-core efficient core, the 128 - bit design internal bus and ultra wide bandwidth, DVFS CPU dynamic voltage frequency modulation technology, effectively reduce the energy consumption to extend engine life;
New architecture of 4 + 1 kernel GPU graphics processing core, 4 times the ordinary flat graphics rendering capabilities, 3 d / 2 d GPU parallel image processing, the effective use of ultra wide bus bandwidth, speed.

50 million a larger phase element moment open
Exclusive pictures of hard acceleration engine, to support the resolution 30000 * 15000 images and 450 million pixels image, breakthrough capacity limit images, show the effect is very strong, a larger high-definition camera again, you can quickly open, enjoy carefree image browsing experience.

No.6 live video synchronization
Super video decoding ability, support 4000 * 2000 high-definition video playback
Full 1080 p hd video output, up to 60 FPS hard 3 d image decoding ability, it opens at the sowing, completely solve the problem of playing caton; Video picture in picture can support 6 video broadcast at the same time, war, literature and art, comedy... At this point, you only need more films.
Support 4000 * 2000 resolution limit of video decoding, 4 ~ 6 times that of ordinary hd video, 3 times Yu Chaoqing video, 1080 p levels of streaming video provides ample hard decoding ability. At the same time the first 10 bit compatible h264 decoding function, when hd video playback can get the best clarity and fluency, more natural transition.

HKC Q79A Quad Core Android 4.1 Tablet PC(, Flash 11 hard solution + HTML 5 dual-mode decoding
Comprehensive support FLASH11 and HTML 5, which is the most comprehensive video decoding scheme, smooth support 99% of web browsing, online video more fluent, can save 85% load time, leave more time for online entertainment.

Before and after the two cameras
Self-time, panoramic photos, camera, how to take whatever
2 million pixels rear camera, let you can easily use shoot the more brilliant, clear pictures of tablet. 7.9 -inch clear sharp IPS screen to a broad and beautiful viewfinder, provide ample space for your composition; Instantaneous fixation beautiful moments, and can realize camera while taking pictures;
Lead the HD camera, bring more clear video chat and take experience;
Panoramic photo, and then the broad picture you also can like wide Angle camera panoramic view, a touch namely.
The function of the extremely strong extension

HKC Q79A ,7.9 Inch IPS Screen Tablet PC Built-in WIFI antenna, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the experience; TF extension card function, don't worry about not enough capacity; Through OTG you can link the 3 g wireless card, mobile storage, even the mouse and keyboard, and have more convenience you need;
HDMI hd signal output, output in the home to wonderful show full hd TV, together with his family to share the wonderful large entertainment huan.
Update the system, the function of a stronger, better compatibility
Using the latest android 4.1, and the depth of the optimization and the four nuclear A9 perfectly compatible processor, to upgrade the tablet experience has brought more: system faster, more smooth, silky, smooth operation, support face unlock, Chinese input optimization, the new function such as speech input. Whether in the office applications, game entertainment, can achieve your requirements, at the same time support vast amounts of android applications.

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